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Hinged Timber Door (14ft Wide Tunnels)


Rear Door for 14ft Polytunnel
Extra Timber Hinged Door to replace Netting vent at back of 14ft Polytunnel.

Hinged Timber Doors DOUBLE (18ft Tunnel)


Extra set of Double Timber Hinged Doors replace Netting vent at rear of 18ft Polytunnel.

Landscape Fabric


A barrier between soil and the top mulch preventing soil migration.

Overhead Irrigation (Single Line) Kit (All Sizes)


(Suitable for 10ft, 12ft, 14ft wide polytunnels)
Overhead Irrigation kit (Single line) complete with header pipe, wire strainers, wire, nozzles and hose connector.

Overhead Irrigation (Twinline) Kit (All Sizes)


(Suitable for 16-18ft
+ wide Polytunnels)
Requires Self-assembly.

Raised Beds (Timber) - All Sizes


Raised beds made from treated timber decking for longer life. Available in various sizes (See Product details). We can also quote for non-standard sizes, please email us with your size specification.

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