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Jiffy MINI Greenhouse C/w 12 Peat Pellets


To learn more, click here to check out the YouTube video!
Mini Greenhouse c/w 12 x Jiffy-7® peat pellets,WINDOWSILL, 27 x 11.5 x 6 cm (WxDxH), tray with dome, incl. 12 x Jiffy-7® peat pellets, 36mm

Jiffy Mini Greenhouse C/w 9 Peat Pellets


Mini greenhouse with 9 cm QSM38 peat pellet, 18 x 14 x 7 cm (WxDxH), tray with dome and 9cm QSM peat pellet. Ideal amount of substrate to fill the tray. Simply add water, volume increases 6 to 8 times

Jiffy Multi-Grow Greenhouse


Universal Robust Plastic Greenhouse with 2 adjustable aeration shutters.
Size: 52.5cm x19.5cm x 20.5cm

Jiffy REFILL Peat Pellets 12 (Size 36mm) 375000476


Click here to see a YouTube video of how they work!

Jiffy-7® Refill-12, 12 peat pellets, Ø 36 mm, simply add water, volume increases 6 to 8 times. Netting allows roots to penetrate, for ideal water

Jiffy STARTER GROWER KIT Peat Pots & Pellets 375000327


Jiffypot® R6 Starter Set-14, 14 x peat pots 6 cm round and 14 x QSM38 compressed peat pellets as starter substrate. Just add water and seeds or seedlings.
100% bio-degradable.(375000327)

Jiffy-7 GH-24 Windowsill Greenhouse C/w 24 Peat Pellets


Tray with dome c/w 24 Jiffy-7 peat pellets.

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