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Jiffy-7 REFILL Peat Tray - 48 (Size: 36mm) 375000513


Click here to see a YouTube video of how they work!
OPTION 1: Refill tray-48, 48 peat pellets - DIAMETER SIZE: Ø 36 mm in handy refill trays. (Product no: 375000513)

Jiffy-7 XXL GH-16 GREENHOUSE C/w 16 Peat Pellets (Size: 50mm) 375000342


Check out how they work with the YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2PljH1yycB0
Jiffy-7® XXL GH-16, greenhouse for big plants like tomatoes + vegetables with 16x Jiffy-7® XXL peat p

Jiffy-7 XXL REFILL Peat Pellets - 16 (Size: 50mm) 375000344


Click here to see a YouTube video of how they work!
Jiffy-7® XXL Refill-16, 16 maxi peat pellets, Ø 50 mm, refill for XXL Greenhouse 16. Simply add water, volume increases 6 to 8 times.

Jiffy-7 XXL REFILL Peat Seed Tray - 24 (Size: 50mm)


Jiffy-7 XXL REFILL Seed Tray - 24 peat pellets 50mm DIAM
for large plants

Planter: Wall Planter


Terrace - Giulio's Garden
This product is ideal for those with limited space but may have a terrace or balcony. Suitable for cultivating a vegetable garden or flowers.
The terrace garden is made from

Plastic Hanging Baskets (Small)


EasyFill Hanging baskets:
Colour: Green

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