Green/White Polythene 800G (PRICE PER M)

Price: €24.00

Delivery Surcharge: €1.23




Green/White Polythene 1000G

UVI Warranty - 5 years

Minimum cut length - 10m

This polythene is generally use to cover animal shelters e.g sheep tunnels and calf/cattle agrishelters.  The cover on the outside is green and the inner colour is white.

If you require bulk orders, please ring the office for a quotation.

Polythene Warranty :-
A manufacturer's warranty against UVI degradation of the polythene is 5 years. This warranty does not cover accidental or malicious damage, storm damage, damage from chemicals, cleaning agents etc or general wear and tear etc


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Anti Hot Spot Tape


A self adhesive foam tape which when placed over polytunnel hoops prolongs the life of the polythene cover. 30mm and 38mm wide rolls available in 9m lengths

Clear Repair Tape


Clear Repair Tape ideal for easily repairing small tears in polythene, ensure polythene is clean and dry before applying, for larger repairs use tape both sides.