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 - Mypex or Ground cover -

Widths available - 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m & 5m

Mypex or Ground cover is a weed control fabric. It suppresses the growth of weeds by blocking the light but unlike other weed controlling membranes, Mypex or Ground cover still allows water and nutrients to reach plants.
The Ground cover we sell is used by professional landscapers. It has square grids to allow for easy cutting and layout of pots. 
We can also cut the groundcover to suit individual requirements, minimum length 10m.
Available other our accessories page.
If you require BULK, please ring the office @ 046-9546007 for a discount.

Features of Ground Cover:
Is permeable to air and water
Is easy to fit and handle
Reduces soil erosion and creates an insulating effect
UV Stabilisation for five years
100g Tough and Tear Resistant




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Mypex Or Ground Cover Economy Pegs


Black Pegs for holding down ground cover or mypex to the earth.(10 per bag)

05. STARTER GROWER KIT Peat Pots & Pellets


Jiffypot® R6 Starter Set-14, 14 x peat pots 6 cm round and 14 x QSM38 compressed peat pellets as starter substrate. Just add water and seeds or seedlings.
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Windbreak Net 50% (7 Year UVI Life)


Performance: 50% Wind and Shade reduction
UV Stabilistaion: 7 years

Durable flat tape threads, double lock-stitch tearproof technology produces the ultimate woven shade product.