Jiffy Cell Pots: 32 (Module F) 75000351




Plastic Jiffy Seed Pots - 8 Trays with 4 cavities

Refill for Jiffy Plastic GH-32: 6 x 6cm pots (Pot size: 13.3cm x 13.3cm) Module F (Part no 75000351)
8 Trays with 4 cavities = 32 pots in total
Price per pack

Product no 75000351

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10b. REFILL Peat Pellets (Size: 50mm)


LARGE Refill peat pellets 50mm x 16
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Jiffy-7® XXL Refill-16, 16 maxi peat pellets, Ø 50 mm, refill for XXL Greenhouse 16. Simply add water, volume