Jiffy GH-32 Plastic Large Greenhouse c/w 32 pots 75000350




Jiffy Large Plastic Greenhouse c/w 32 pots

Large Greenhouse with 32 pots, 6 x 6cm pots.
Size: 54.5cm W x 28cm D x 7cm H
Opague black tray with transparent dome with 32 cells for efficient germination.

You may also need...

Jiffy GROW BAG For Balconies & Patios 375000600


Click here to see a YouTube video of how Jiffy compressed pellets work!
Ideal for Garden enthusiasts - Attractive packaging for balconies, patios etc

Clear Repair Tape


Clear Repair Tape ideal for easily repairing small tears in polythene, ensure polythene is clean and dry before applying, for larger repairs use tape both sides.

Crop Support Kit 48ft Long Tunnels (10ft-12ft Wide Tunnels)


(Price is for 5 x crop support kits)
Kit includes:
5 x Steel Cross Brace and 10 x Short Down braces (Steel size 35mm)
Fittings to attach to structure. We use steel in our down braces (no WIRE) for

Jiffy REFILL Peat Pellets For Seeds 12 (Size 36mm) 375000476


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Jiffy-7® Refill-12, 12 peat pellets, Ø 36 mm, simply add water, volume increases 6 to 8 times. Netting allows roots to penetrate, for ideal water

Overhead Irrigation (Single Line) Kit (All Sizes)


(Suitable for 10ft, 12ft, 14ft wide polytunnels)
Overhead Irrigation kit (Single line) complete with header pipe, wire strainers, wire, nozzles and hose connector.

Suspended Shelf 12ft Long


Kit includes: Timber planks,support brackets,fittings (OPTION 1) & includes irrigation in (OPTION 2)
Prerequisite: CROSS BRACING is required for suspended shelves.

(6) Table: Timber Table With Alum Potting Top


Timber table comes complete with an aluminium potting top with an extra-high lip to allow easy potting up and control of compost. The timber table stands on 4 timber legs.