06 WINDOWSILL Multi-Grow Greenhouse




WINDOWSILL Multi-Grow - Universal Robust Plastic Greenhouse

Greenhouse with 2 adjustable aeration shutters (Part no 375000487)
Single Box size: 53x19.8x14.5cm
Ideal conditions for Jiffy seed starting accessories. Check out our compressed peat pellets.

You may also need...

Anti Hot Spot Tape


A self adhesive foam tape which when placed over polytunnel hoops prolongs the life of the polythene cover. 30mm and 38mm wide rolls available in 9m lengths

Clear Repair Tape


Clear Repair Tape ideal for easily repairing small tears in polythene, ensure polythene is clean and dry before applying, for larger repairs use tape both sides.

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10b. REFILL Peat Pellets (Size: 50mm)


LARGE Refill peat pellets 50mm x 16
Click here to see a YouTube video of how they work!
Jiffy-7® XXL Refill-16, 16 maxi peat pellets, Ø 50 mm, refill for XXL Greenhouse 16. Simply add water, volume

05. STARTER GROWER KIT Peat Pots & Pellets


Jiffypot® R6 Starter Set-14, 14 x peat pots 6 cm round and 14 x QSM38 compressed peat pellets as starter substrate. Just add water and seeds or seedlings.
100% bio-degradable.(375000327)

(6) Table: Timber Table With Alum Potting Top


Timber table comes complete with an aluminium potting top with an extra-high lip to allow easy potting up and control of compost. The timber table stands on 4 timber legs.

06d. Windowsill Greenhouse C/w 24 Peat Pellets


Windowsill Tray with dome c/w 24 Jiffy-7 peat pellets.