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8ft x 24ft EasyGro Polytunnel

Total Price: €1,045.00

Z35 High Tensile Steel
IMPROVED Corrosion resistance
1000G Polythene
Tanelith-E Timber
Stronger 4" x 2" Timbers
Tapes Included

What is the BUDGET EasyGro range
The EasyGro range is our basic starter polytunnel without stinting on quality. Polythene is TRENCHED or buried in the ground. It is the cheapest way of attaching the polythene.

What is included in the 8ft x 24ft EasyGro Polytunnel kit:
- High Tensile Z35 Steel Hoops & Bracing
  Steel is up to 20 times more corrosion resistant than a galvanised tube
- Front Timber H Frame Gable end
- 1 x Hinged Timber door c/w dropbar and holder
- Rear Timber H Gable end with large Net vent (promotes air circulation around plants but keeps pests out!)
- 1000G Polythene Clear Thermic Anti-Drip
- Anti Hot Spot Tape for all hoops (not just ends!)
UV Repair tape included
- Polytunnel Building instructions


Width: 8ft (2.44m)
Ridge Height: 8ft (2.4m)
Internal Standing Height at sides: 6ft (1.8m)
Straight Side Height: 3ft 3" (1m)

Steel Frame:
All steelwork is not just just high tensile Z35 Steel but also comes with the added benefit of been specially galvanised internally and externally to be 20 times more rust-resistant than your standard pre-galvanised tubular steel.
- Hoops: 35mm Outer Diameter     
- Bracing: 35mm Outer Diameter  

Gable ends
All timbers supplied are larger to give you the added strength and durability at the gable ends to hold doors/net vents.
- Timber Uprights: 100mm x 44mm (4"x2")
- Lintel: 100mm 100mm x 44mm (4"x2")
- Door size for 8ft wide approx:
2m high x 800mm wide
All timber included Ground rails are TANELITH-E treated for longer life. 
What is TANELITH E Treated timber? TANALISED E pressure treated timber has been impregnated with TANALITH E, a waterborne product based on copper triazole technology. Copper is derived from recycled sources and triazoles are organic biodegradable biocides, commonly used to protect many of the food crops we eat... For More Details..?

How is polythene attached? Trenching or Burying the polythene
With the EasyGro range, polythene is attached by burying the polythene in the ground. A trench is dug all around the tunnel and polythene is buried into trenched and soil is put on top. Building instructions available.

Option 1: The standard polythene we use is a 1000G Thermic Anti-Drip Polythene. This  is a clear film with the additional benefits of Thermic and Anti-drip properties.    
    'Thermic' - raises the temperature of the internal temperature by approx.1 to 2 Degrees celsius above the outside temperature. 
    'Anti-Drip' or 'Anti-Fog' - condensation evaporates or rolls off the polythene.

Option 2: Diffused Thermic 840G Polythene - This is a diffused film with the additional benefits of been Thermic.    
    'Thermic' - raises the temperature of the internal temperature by approx.1 to 2 Degrees celsius above the outside temperature. 
    'Diffused' - the sun's rays are 'dispersed' or 'diffused' to prevent plant scorching. The same amount of light is allowed in.

Polythene Warranty: A manufacturer's warranty against UVI degradation of the polythene is 5-6 years depending on the type of polythene picked. This warranty does not cover accidental damage, malicious damage, storm damage or general wear and tear etc.

Guidelines on how to care for your polythene

Building Instructions

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