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Frost Protection Fleece 4m+ Width

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- Spunbonded fleece (18gsm) works like a protective duvet for plants, maintaining a temperate microclimate while protecting
  from frost, snow, hail, rainbeat, slugs, snails and insects.
- It can be used all year round to give an optimum protection, allowing for an earlier and maximised crop.
- Every roll has been individually UV treated and due to its unique construction, it has a high tension tear resistance
  and hence is very durable.With sonically welded seams, these Fleeces have a higher tear resistance than other     

- The fleece comes in various widths,1.5m, 2m, 4m & 6m and lengths 10m to 250m sizes.

Please note that some sizes may only be available during Autumn/Winter months, please contact us to confirm availability. 
We can also provide quotations for large orders, please contact us by phone on 046 9546007 or email at for a quotation.

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