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The Bee Nester Barrel

Total Price: €15.00

Bee Pollination
Metal & Cardboard
Bee home

Bee Nester Barrel

You can help the conservation of our native bees by simply hanging this bee house in your garden. Then sit back and watch the fascinating life cycle of your new pollinating team.

The Pollinating Company Bee Nester, packed with many clever features!

  • Comes box fresh with easy to peel foil wrap
  • Moveable woodpecker and predator guard built-in
  • Ready to hang
  • Instructions on the inside of the wrap
  • Replaceable card tubes to extend nester life
  • Insulated bee tubes inside nester
  • Nesting tubes perfect size for Mason, Orchard & Leafcutter Bees

These precious pollinators need somewhere safe to lay their eggs. Your bee nester provides the perfect place for the female bees to construct their egg cells, which develop into bee larvae and finally emerge in Spring as the new generation of bees.


Hang the Bee Nester in a sheltered spot in your garden. A good spot should have nectar plants and a water source nearby once your nester is filled using the perforated lid as a predator guard to protect the open ends of the card nesting tubes over winter.


Dimensions: 160 x 90 x 90 mm
Weight: 275g
Materials: Metal, cardboard
Colour: Silver tree bark design
Special Features: Easy to use, proven design

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