Product Description

Erin Greenhouse

The Erin Greenhouse is manufactured from box steel rather than angle iron. It is hot dipped galvanised to prevent rusting.  There is NO GLASS, instead we use horticultural polythene which is clipped into aluminium rails bolted to the outer frame.

- Strong & Robust Structure: The Erin is manufactured from heavier box steel rather than angle iron.  It is hot dipped galvanised to prevent rusting.  It can be rawl-bolted to concrete blocks or a concrete floor. It can also be installed onto grass/soil with concrete blocks.

- Powdercoating: The Erin is as standard galvanised. It can also be powedercoated in different colours e.g. green,white etc. 

- NO GLASS: High quality Polythene with 5 year UV warranty is installed rather than glass.  Polythene is clipped into panels and kept in place with infllls.

- Re-usable: The infills are re-usable and can be re-used when the panels of polythene need replacing. Thus making it cheaper to remove and replace.

- Cheaper to Replace: Polythene is cheaper to replace. In the greenhouses, polythene is installed in sections and if any damage occurs, the whole structure does not have to be re-covered.

Erin Greenhouse (SUPPLY ONLY)

Base price: €2047

Features as Standard

  • Galvanised Box steel structure
  • Clad in 800G Clear Thermic Anti-Drip Polythene
  • 1 x Sliding Alum Door
  • 1 x Manual Louvre Vent

Technical Specifications and Warranties

Size Options:

Width: 3m or 9ft 8"  x Length: 4m or 13ft 1"
Width: 3m or 9ft 8"  x Length: 6m or 19ft 7"
Width: 3m or 9ft 8"  x Length: 8m or  26ft 2"

Height of Straight sides: 1.7m or 5ft 6"

Height from Ridge to ground level:
2.70m or 8ft 9"

The ERIN is manufactured inhouse, if you require a different or particular size, please contact us with the details and we can quote one to suit your specification.

Polythene - Clear Thermic Anti Drip 800G


The standard polythene we use is a 800G Thermic Anti-Drip Polythene. This  is a clear film with the additional benefits of Thermic and Anti-drip properties.  

    'Thermic'  - raises the temperature of the internal temperature by approx.
                       1 to 2 Degrees celsius above the outside temperature.
    'Anti-Drip' - condensation evaporates or rolls off the polythene.

Polythene Warranty :- A manufacturer's warranty against UVI degradation of the polythene is 5 years. This warranty does not cover accidental or malicious damage, storm damage, damage from chemicals, cleaning agents etc or general wear and tear etc.