Product Description

What is the Garden 'PRO' Range?

The Garden 'Pro' or Professional range is combining the best of both worlds ... Our superior Sliding Aluminium Door(s) are used instead of Timber Hinged door(s). It also includes our Aluminium cladding rails on the gable ends, thus reducing folds.  The Polythene is attached along sides via TIMBER RAILs. All Timber rails are Tanelith-E treated for outdoor use.


What is included in the Garden 'PRO' Kit - SUPPLY ONLY?

Steel structure c/w Hoops, Ridge and Brace bars, Front Timber Gable end c/w Single Sliding Aluminium Door, Rear Timber Gable end c/w large Netting vent, Polythene, Anti Hot Spot Tape, Timber Ground rail for sides and gable ends, Rear Net Vent, Polyflap for net vent and one roll of FREE Clear Repair tape. Customer must build or use their own contractor to build the polytunnel.  Goods are supplied only.  Instruction manual is available.

Why buy this structure?

Superior Polytunnel Dimensions: Check out the superior dimensions of our structures.  Sides are not round-sided. Our straight sides do not abruptly bend once past the 1m straight side rather a slow gradual bend resulting in better head height standing at the sides of the structure.  Our excellent ground to ridge height of our structures promotes better air circulation around plants. (See over for our Polytunnel Dimensions for more details).

Quality Steelwork for a more Durable structure:  All our steelwork is high tensile Z35 steel galvanised internally and externally for all our structures. High tensile steel makes a more durable, long-lasting product which better withstands bad weather conditions. We use the larger steel - 35mm (8ft-14ft wide tunnels) - to give you a stronger, long lasting product.

Tanelith E Treated TIMBER for Outdoor Use:  We use the larger timbers 4" x 2"  (or 100mm x 44mm) in our timber gable ends, door frames and ground rails.  This heavier timber gives additional strength against windy conditions.  All timber is Tanelith-E treated specifically for outdoor use.  What is Tanelith-E?... More info

Anti Hot Spot Tapes Automatically included: Anti Hot Spot tape is included as standard in our kits.  It covers the entire hoop and not just parts of the hoop.  This tape prolongs the life of the polythene as it reduces the friction between steel and polythene.

• Wider & Higher Door sizes: Our Doors are wider and higher so wheelbarrows and other gardening equipment can pass in and out with ease.  For example - the door for the 14ft wide polytunnel is 1.2m Wide x 2.1m High

• Sliding Aluminium Doors: Our superior Aluminium framed Sliding Doors made from block aluminum and clad in polythene/net.  Our clip in rails are made from block aluminium durability and do not contain any wire or plastic inserts.

• High Quality Polythene: 800G Polythene is clear with the additonal  benefits of Thermic and Anti-drip properties. A manufacturer's warranty against UVI degradation is 5 years. Other Guages of Polythene available include: 840G, 900G, 1000G depending on stock availability.

• FREE OF CHARGE: We include one roll of Clear Repair Tape as part of the kit. This tape repairs small nicks and tears that may occur over time.


Base price: €929

Features as Standard

  • Galv. Foundation Tubes 35mm/45mm
  • Galv. Steel Framework 35/45mm & Fittings
  • 1 x FRONT Timber Gable end
  • 1 x REAR Timber Gable end c/w NET VENT
  • Timber Ground rails for sides & gable ends
  • 1 x Single/Double Aluminium Sliding Door(s)
  • Anti Hot Spot Tape
  • 800G Thermic, Anti-Drip Clear Polythene
  • - DELIVERY Included
  • FREE - CLEAR Repair Tape
  • FREE - POLYFLAP for rear net vent

Technical Specifications and Warranties

Garden 'PRO' - The best of both Worlds!

Hoop Spacing: 8ft (2.44m)

Steel Specification: 

8ft, 10ft, 12ft & 14ft Wide Polytunnels: 35mm Outer Diameter
16ft & 18ft Wide Polytunnel: 44.5mm Outer Diameter x 2mm thick
Steel standard: All steelwork is high tensile Z35 steel, galvanised internally and externlly.

Polytunnel Dimensions:

Below are the details of approximate heights, etc of each polytunnel size.
Check out the EXTRA Headroom and BETTER working space available (See below)!

  8ft (2.44m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions (To be updated)
10ft (3.05m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions..Click here!
12ft (3.66m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions..Click here!
14ft (4.27m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions..Click here!
16ft (4.88m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions (To be updated)
18ft (5.50m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions..Click here!

Timber Specification:

Timber Gable ends:  Timber Uprights & Cross: 100mm (4") x 44mm (2")
Timber Ground rails: Timber rails: 100mm (4") x 44mm (2")
All timber is TANELITH-E treated for outdoor use.  What is Tanelith-E?... More info

Door Sizes:

Door sizes for  8ft wide              - To be updated!
Door sizes for 10ft & 12ft wide  - 2m high x 800mm wide
Door sizes for 14ft wide             - 2.1m high x 1.2m wide
Door sizes for 16ft wide             - To be updated!
Door sizes for 18ft wide             - 2.44m high x 2.44m wide (Double door)
                                                   - 2.44m high x 1.22m wide (Single door)


The standard polythene we use is a 800G Thermic Anti-Drip Polythene. This is a clear film with the additional benefits of Thermic and Anti-drip properties.   There is other guages available ranging from 840G, 900G, 1000G. These can all have different properties e.g. Thermic, Anti-Drip or Anti-fog, Diffused etc.
Properties explained:
    'Thermic' - raises the temperature of the internal temperature by approx.
                       1 to 2 Degrees celsius above the outside temperature.
    'Anti-Drip' or 'Anti-fog' - condensation evaporates or rolls off the polythene.
    'Diffused' - allows the same light and heat in as ordinary polythene, it diffuses the light around the plants and prevents
     plant scorching.

Polythene Warranty :- A manufacturer's warranty against UVI degradation of the polythene is 5 years. This warranty does not cover accidental damage, malicious damage, storm damage or general wear and tear etc.