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"On the occasion of the launch of our new website, memories flooded back to me, born in Fairview Strand, Dublin where my parents  had a fruit and vegetable shop and whre I gained extensive knowledge of what is successfull with the public and that is a Quality product and good back-up service.  Little did I know then that I would end up growing vegetables and that was when I got involved in polytunnels ini 1973.  I bought and erected 20 tunnels to grow salads, winter cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers and soft fruit.  Disaster struck when 15 of the tunnels were destroyed in a vicious storm.  These were the very first tunnels to be introduced to Great Britain and Ireland at that time, but it proved that the steel used was totally inadequate to withstand the Irish weather.  Despite the hardship which this calamity brought on us, I learned two valuable lessons from it (1) that polythene tunnels were capable of producing a full range of quality vegetable crops and (2) the importance of using steel of correct strength and design and of proven ability to cope with the Irish weather. I spent the next few years researching the ideal tunnel best geared for use in Ireland. This brought me to many countries and I could have imported,  but I remained convinced that I could build a better product to suit our growing conditions here in Ireland and with the added advantage of providing jobs in Ireland.  So this was how Colm Warren Polyhouses Ltd (aka The Polytunnel Company) started.... It was a long hard road but could not have been done without my family.  All grew up working in the nursery and got extensive knowledge of growing, tending and harvesting that we grew. 

As our business has progressed, both family and our extended family (our employees), continue to uphold the values of creating Quality products with enduring performance, providing good service and supplying excellent before and after sales service to our customers. 

I would be remiss if I did not mention all our past customers. Over the past 40 years or so, I have met thousands of customers, and there is a considerable number of whom I would now call personal friends. I would like to thank them sincerely because it is their loyalty and friendship that has helped to make CWP the company that it is. I like to think that it reflects the values of all our wonderful customers, friends and all."

"We live in a great Country, Love it and Support it!"
Colm Warren (Senior)

More About The Polytunnel Company!
The Polytunnel Company is a brand name of Colm Warren Polyhouses Ltd (CWP). We have been in business for over 46+ years now. We manufacture, supply and build curved Polytunnels and Greenhouses. The strength, adaptability and ease of construction of our structures is very much appreciated and the structures can be seen in other industries for example on archaeological sites, waste packaging, storage units, mushroom industry, fish industry, aircraft and boat storage, over swimming pools etc, in fact anywhere that a low cost, durable structure is required.

Our structures can be installed to meet specific customer needs. They are easy to assemble, a pleasure to work in and simple to maintain. We use materials of the best quality when manufacturing our structures.

In addition to a wide range of  structures, CWP also supplies a wide range of accessories. We supply various types of Polythene (White, Green/White, Ivory, Clear, Diffused etc), PVC covers, Irrigation (Drip or Overhead), Windbreak netting, Agroclad, Frost protection fleeces, Ground cover (Mypex), Anti Hot Spot Tape, Clear and Grey Tapes, Tables, etc. We also supply a range of long life water-tight aluminium benching for Garden centres as well as commercial benching directly to the Horticultural industry. As part of the package, we also supply heating, ventilation systems, shade structures, and manual or motorised roof and side ventilation in large and small greenhouses.


CWP. Ltd has the latest in computer aided bending machine, which controls the manufacturing process so you have greater accuracy and consistency in the curvature of the roof. We have also invested in ironworkers, press breaks, guillotine and welding equipment so we are able to react quickly to customer needs at competitive prices. By keeping our manufacturing in house it allows us to develop our products and give the customer various options to fulfill unusual projects.


Besides manufacturing we also can offer a nationwide construction service available.

Sales Service:

CWP will give you expert and friendly advice without overselling any of its products. We are happy to prepare quotations to your specific requirements.

Special Requirements:

As mentioned previously we manufacture one off projects or specials, these are often in response to customers with site difficulties. If you have a particular project and you not getting anywhere down the conventional route, maybe we can help, please contact us.

For enquiries please contact Colm Warren Polyhouses Ltd

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