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More About Us

'The Polytunnel Company' is a trading website of Colm Warren Polyhouses Ltd. We have been successfully manufacturing and building polytunnels, greenhouses and canopied steel structures in Ireland for over 36 years. We are 100% Irish owned supporting Irish jobs.  We believe in supplying and building for our customers a quality product that lasts a lifetime.  We use superior materials in our products to achieve this: Block aluminium for a long-lasting, low maintenance attractive finish, HIGH TENSILE steel for withstanding Irish weather conditions, TANELITH E treated timbers for durabilty and our structures all have straighter sides with a slow bend giving you a comfortable standing space and headroom.  Check out our polytunnel or greenhouse range now!


Visit our Outdoor Display Area

Welcome to our factory in Trim where you can see some of our quality polytunnels and greenhouses range on display!
Structures are KITTED OUT with display samples of raised beds, irrigation, tables, shelves, crop supports etc. Alternatively we can advise you of alternative structures that are located in your area. RING US FOR AN APPOINTMENT SO WE CAN DISCUSS ALL THE VARIOUS OPTIONS THAT ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU.



IRISH TIMES: "My guilty pleasure: I'm in love with my polytunnel" by Fionnuala Fallon.
To read the article, click here!

DERMOT O'NEILL (The Secret Garden):"The addition of a Colm Warren Polytunnel to my garden at Clondeglass made an enormous difference to the growing of plants. It helped to extend the season, allowing me to grow vegetables earlier and later, and also provided a fantastic space for the protection of tender and semi-tender plants during the winter months. It arrived to the garden and was erected quickly and efficiently by a team from the company. I can highly recommend CWP if you are considering adding a polytunnel to your own garden. They give excellent advice in advance of purchase and the quality of their products is first-class."