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View our range of Polytunnels, fittings, support kits, doors, ventilation and more...

View our range of fittings, support kits, doors, ventilations and more...

Manufacturing and Building Polytunnels, Greenhouses and Canopy Structures in Ireland for over 50 years!

We believe in supplying and building for our customers a quality product that lasts a lifetime.  We use superior materials in our products to achieve this. As a result our structures our CE certified to EN1090-2 standard.

- Aluminium profiles for a long-lasting, low maintenance, attractive finish
- High Tensile Steel Z35 with EXTRA galvanisation for withstanding Irish weather conditions
- Tanelith E treated timbers for outdoor use.
Our polytunnel structures are all designed with straight sides with a slow bend giving you comfortable standing headroom and most importantly more air circulation for better growing.  Check out our polytunnel or greenhouse range now!




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