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Polytunnels Ireland

The Polytunnel Company are pleased to offer a complete range of Polytunnels for sale that suit all budgets. Polytunnels Direct to your door! Whether you're in need of a high grade polytunnel or getting started growing your own, The Polytunnel Company can help. We have a diverse range of polytunnels, from the ever popular Easy-Gro Range right through the best in class premium range, aswell as a host of polytunnel spares and accessories. Feel free to customise our polytunnel range to suit your needs with various polythene covers designed to meet your growing needs.

The EasyGro range is our starter polytunnel which Includes high spec steelwork, polythene and commercial grade fittings. Polythene is TRENCHED or buried in the ground around the tunnel.

While our Premium Polytunnels by brand "The Garden Pride" range is one of our most popular options. Polythene is attached using heavy duty block Aluminium profile rails. All the profiles including the inserts or clip in rails are made from durable aluminium. Plastic and wire inserts are not used.

Shop from our wide range of Polytunnels and Polytunnel Accessories today and if you have any questions or queries, get in touch!

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