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Create a Bee-Friendly Garden
By Philip
Bees are essential for the health of our ecosystems and the productivity of our ...
18/06/2024 Read More
Compact Gardening
By Philip
In a world where green spaces can be limited, cultivating a garden may seem like...
16/04/2024 Read More
Gardening Tips for Beginners
By Philip
Embarking on a gardening journey can be a rewarding experience, especially for b...
12/03/2024 Read More
Spring Gardening Tips and Preparation
By Philip
As the frosty grip of winter loosens, the arrival of spring heralds a time of re...
20/02/2024 Read More
Conditions for Germination
For the magic of germination to unfold, three essential factors must align: wate...
02/01/2024 Read More
Winter Tips
By Philip
As the frosty embrace of winter settles in, your polytunnel transforms into a ha...
26/12/2023 Read More
Creating a Ladybird Haven
Creating a ladybug-friendly garden is a fantastic way to naturally control pest...
14/12/2023 Read More
Winter Gift Ideas
'Tis the season to be jolly, and what better way to spread Christmas cheer t...
27/11/2023 Read More
Plantable Books for Children
By Georgina
Where does our food come from? First ever plantable children’s book! Wher...
04/10/2021 Read More
About Us - The Polytunnel Company
By Colm Warren
On the occasion of the launch of our new website, memories flooded back to me, b...
28/02/2021 Read More
Enjoying your Polytunnel This Spring
Spring Cleaning for your polytunnel or greenhouse this year! - Cleaning down yo...
01/02/2021 Read More

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