Air Circulation Fans




Greenhouse ventilation: Air Circulation Fan

A greenhouse fan not only provides the ventilation but also the correct air circulation in your greenhouse. Heat and humidity must be evenly distributed in the greenhouse so that your plants can dry off optimally. Above all, cacti, orchids and other tropical plants depend on the simulation of air movement to which they are accustomed in their natural habitats. Some plants, such as tomatoes, also require air circulation for fertilization. A greenhouse fan can also protect your plants from pest and fungal attacks.
The air circulation fan achieves a high fan performance of 460m3 and is still very quiet. The stainless steel housing is attached to the ceiling so that the greenhouse fan can be used to save space.

Weight 4.05kgs
Heating type Electronic
Fan power 31 W
Air circulation 460 m³/h
Maximum power input 0,2 A
Mechanical rating IPX4
Power connection 230 V 50/60 Hz (Electric)

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