Grow Tunnels (Polythene, Fleece, Micromesh)




Mini-Grow Tunnels (Giant Size)

SIZE: Length 3m (10ft) Height 45cm (1ft6") Width 60cm (2ft).
Above size is ideal for larger plants or can be used to cover a double row of plants.

- POLYTHENE Covered Grow Tunnels: Using a mini-grow tunnel or polytunnel can protect crops against harsh weather and pests. Depending on the type of cover that you require, it can  be used to warm the soil prior to sowing or planting. It act like a mini greenhouse forming a barrier, recycling moisture through condensation and creating the ideal humidity for healthy plant growth. The mini - tunnels are manufactured from tough UV stabilised 150 micron heavy duty polyethylene and rust resistant galvanised steel hoops. 

- FLEECE Covered Grow Tunnels: The high quality fleece material creates warmth and insulation whilst allowing moisture and sunlight to filter through. It will also prevent sun scorching on warmer days The mini-tunnels are manufactured from U.V. stabilised 45 gsm  heavyweight polypropylene fleece and rust resistant galvanised steel hoops.
- MICROMESH Covered Grow Tunnels:  The mini-tunnels are covered with micromesh which is manufactured with an ultra-fine mesh size of 0.6mm x 0.6mm, which is small enough to keep out Cabbage Root Fly, Carrot Fly, White Fly, Onion Fly, Flea Beetle, Vine Weevil and Aphids and others while at the same time allowing air and moisture to circulate. This can be used to protect your growing crops from all types of pest, without the use of nasty chemical insecticides.

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