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Self Watering Rail Flower Box GREY

Total Price: €24.00

Self Watering system
Ideal for railings
Various colours

A selfwatering flower box which can make the most of a small space. Fits balcony or terrace railings in a town as well as acottage fence. Suitable for growing strawberries, herbs and annuals. Can be used on round and square railings maximum of 6.5 cm in diameter.

Colour: Grey       Weight: 1.044kgs     Height: 24cm     Width: 30cm    Depth: 26cm

Substrate quantity: 5,5 l
Water capacity: 1,6 l + 1,6 l

How does Self-Watering work?

How self-watering works
Self-watering containers works like a sophisticated yet coherent jigsaw puzzle. Each piece has its specific function, yet can perform it only if all the others are in place. Now we will reveal how all the pieces work together.

The main parts of self-watering containers are:
1. A self-watering insert containing holes and water rise tubes, thanks to which the roots grow comfortably and the plant gets just the right amount of moisture.
2. A water reservoir with sufficient capacity that also acts as the outer part of the container.
3. Wicks, namely textile strips of polypropylene that allow water to reach the root system in the substrate

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