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Ground Cover c/w inserts (16-18ft wide x 32ft long)

Total Price: €158.00


Ground Cover Kit includes:
- Ground cover to cover area up to approx. 576 sq. ft. or fit area of 16ft or 18ft wide x 32ft long polytunnel.
- Aluminium inserts for sides of structure to attach cover to the sides of a Garden Pride Polytunnel model.

Note: Above Ground cover kit is to suit above size structure only.
Option 1: Supply only

Option 2: Supply & install only (This includes supply of materials and labour to install ground cover. This is usually done when the ground cover is bought along with the polytunnel and both are installed together. This is subject to site conditions and our terms and conditions).

Site: We recommend that the ground is as level as possible so there is no holes or dips underneath. We recommend removing the top layer of top soil, putting in an layer of round stone (approx. 2 -3 inches) to promote better drainage. Stone should not be sharp as it can tear the ground cover and it should be as level as possible.

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