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Mini Grow Tunnels: POLYTHENE

Total Price: €28.00

Protect seedlings
Warm soil

This size is ideal for larger plants or can be used to cover a double row of plants: 
Length 3m (10ft), Height 0.45m (1ft6") and Width 0.6m (2ft). 

Polythene Covered Grow Tunnels: Using a mini-grow tunnel or polytunnel can protect crops against harsh weather and pests. Depending on the type of cover that you require, it can  be used to warm the soil prior to sowing or planting. It acts like a mini greenhouse forming a barrier, recycling moisture through condensation and creating the ideal humidity for healthy plant growth. The mini - tunnels are manufactured from tough UV stabilised 150 micron heavy duty polyethylene and rust resistant galvanised steel hoops.

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