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Drip Irrigation kit 25m (incl. Tap timer)

Total Price: €74.00

Self assembly
Low Pressure Tap Timer
Dripline kit 25m

For garden, raised beds or polytunnel irrigation kits, this T fitting is used for splitting the water flow from one pipe to another. It is often used to create separate watering systems, over differently located areas e.g. raised beds etc. The 6mm Dripline hose is cut where you need to add a connector or T joint irrigation kits. This T is a coupler fitting which is used to join together 3 different lenghts of 16mm diameter drip line hoses. All 16mm Barbed or drip irrigation fittings are simply put together by pushing into the hose and tightened by hand.

Kit includes:
-  1 x Zero tap timer (for low pressure)
-  1 x Pressure reduction 3/4" F
-  1 x Tap adapter
-  4 x Hose elbows Ø 16 mm
-  8 x  Hose tee Ø 16 mm
- 10 x Spikes 14 mm
-  1 x PE pipe Ø 16 mm
- 25m Roll of Drip line Ø 16 mm
- 10 plugs Ø 16 mm.

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