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Windbreak Netting 55% (All sizes)

Total Price: €67.00

7 year UVI Life
55% Wind and Shade reduction
Available in Green and Black

- A windbreak is used to provide shade or shelter for plants or protect certain areas of the garden.
- The netting can be cut to size and can be stapled or tied to fence posts to make garden fencing or partitions of any size. 
- Good quality Netting usually is UV treated for longer life and should also state the shade or shelter percentage (i.e. size of holes, how much the netting prevents wind/rain from coming through).
- This netting also has eyelets to allow easy attachment to posts.

- Our Windbreak or Garden netting is made from durable flat tape threads, double lock-stitch tearproof technology produces the ultimate woven shade product, lock stitch has proven its durability in the toughest of conditions and is recognised worldwide as the premier shade product.
- Available in a range of shade densities - 47%, 50%, 55%, 63%, 73%, 85%.


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