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Giving Nature a Helping Hand!

As our hedgerows and older, larger trees disappear from the natural world, it is becoming more and more important to provide nesting opportunities for birds in our gardens and help with Biodiversity. The shortage of natural nest sites for birds has sadly played a part in the decline of some of our most iconic species. Popping up a nest box on a tree, fence or house wall can encourage birds into our gardens. Watching a blue tit, sparrow or robin choose your garden to raise the next generation of chicks is an incredibly rewarding sight. Watching them successfully fledge is even more satisfying and heart-warming.
It is now easier than ever to provide functional yet beautiful bird boxes each spring quickly and easily. Should you choose to put them up in the autumn, you can also provide a much-needed winter refuge for roosting birds. Increasing your chances of welcoming them back the following spring to nest.
One of the key determinants in how likely birds are to occupy nest boxes is where you choose to locate them. Remember to place nest boxes away from feeders and baths. And never disturb the birds once they’re in the box; enjoy watching from afar.

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