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1.59m x 2.98m Greenhouse

Total Price: €2,742.00

Aluminium or Coloured
Self-Supporting Foundation
Diffused Roof Glass
Roof Window included
Door included
PVC Downpipes

This "Piccolo" Greenhouse range is ideal for small gardens or suburban gardens. They come standard with an aluminium frame or you can avail of an attractive coloured frame.
Standard Structure includes:
- Standard Aluminium Frame
- Roof in *Hammered safety glass roof (4mm)
- Side Walls in clear safety glass float (4mm)
- 2 x PVC Downpipes
- 1 x Roof Window

- 1 x Sliding Door
- Self-supporting aluminium foundation with anchors
Building Instructions available
VAT included

*What is Hammered Glass? This diffuses light whilst still ensuring an optimal distribution of the light. It also minimizes condensation.


Size: 1.59m wide x 2.98m long    Gutter Height: 1.79m     Ridge Height: 2.19m   Door Opening: 1.61m x 0.68m

Safety glass has a lot of extra features:
 - 7 x stronger than standard, drawn horticultural glass
 - 5 x stronger than untempered horticultural glass
 - Tempered according to European tempering standard EN12150. In case of breakage, this breaks into harmless, small pieces, such as a car window.  Better resistant to influences from nature, such as hail and snow loads

Unique Benefits of "Hammered" Safety Glass in the roof:
The greenhouses are fully equipped in safety glass in standard 4mm. The side walls consist of safety glass float (clear) and the roof consists of hammered (frosted) safety glass. Hammered Glass is included as part of the standard package instead of been offered as an extra option.

Benefits of Hammered Glass:
- The sun’s rays are broken so there is less chance of burning your plants
- A better distribution of light, which makes the plants grow better and firmer
- Condensation water flows down the glass, leaving no drops on the plants and these are less susceptible to
The advantages of both hammered safety glass and clear safety glass are combined to give you a product that is exceptional and unique in the hobby world. This way you can enjoy your greenhouse to the maximum, at no extra costs.


Warranty (Terms & Conditions apply):
- 12 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
- 2 Year Warranty on Colour coating
- 1 Year Warranty on moving/rolling parts
- No guarantee is granted on the glazing (glass)

(See Warranty Conditions)

Building instructions for Self-Building:


Building Instructions

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