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Field Guide - Ladybirds

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Field Guide
Ladybird types
Fold out Ladybird Chart

This famous fold-out chart to ladybird identification covers 26 of the 46 coccinellid species. Information on colour pattern, habitat and distribution, and hints to aid identification in a comprehensive table. There are also sections on the life-cycle and feeding relationships of ladybirds.
The chart includes a section on the Harlequin ladybird Harmonia axyridis, the world's most invasive ladybird species.
Part of the FSC's range of fold-out charts helps users identify a wide range of plants and animals. Clear colour illustrations and text by experts in the subject make these valuable resources for all age groups.

- Laminated to make it shower-proof and robust for use outdoors, it is the definitive guide to keep handy for British ladybird identification and information.
- Clean by wiping with a damp cloth.

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