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Heating Mats for growing seed (incl. Thermostat)

Total Price: €150.00

3 Year guarantee.
Even heat distribution.

The SAHARA Heating-Mats are ready-to-use with a thermostatic temperature control in the range of 0-40°C.
They come in various standard sizes and can also be made to order. The Heating-Mats are designed to produce a maximum soil temperature of 35°C. The SAHARA Heating-Mat will bring you more success in growing from seed and propagating plants from cuttings. This is because the heat that is generated is directed to exactly where it is needed, namely in the soil, near the plant's roots.

- Encourage root formation and seed germination.
- Ideal for growing on from cuttings and seeds.
- Suitable as surface heating on the potting bench.
- Ensures warm soil for over-wintering contrainerised plants in a small area.
- Includes thermostat and soil sensor.
- Spray waterproof.


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