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Soil Cables for seed propagation

Total Price: €38.00

2 year guarantee.
Warms the soil by about 8 to 12°C

The Soil-Heating-Cable takes the heat just where you want it.
It is particularly suitable for home-made propagators and seed-trays.
The cable is very flexible and can easily be laid to suit your particular requirements.
The many different ways of laying and using it make the waterproof cable a universal heat source. Using it with the Termo2 digital thermostat with extra remote sensor makes for ideal propagating conditions, because the soil temperature is accurately controlled.
Requires Electrical connection by qualified electrician .

- Rapid germination
- Faster growth

- Many applications: Seed propagation, Terrarium or aquarium
- Wattage - Soil Heating Cable 6m SC60 50W, Soil Heating Cable 10m SC10 100W

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