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Roof Extraction Fan incl. Support bars for Tunnel - Electric

Total Price: €310.00


This Polytunnel Roof Vent which can be easily installed with support bars:
Ideal for longer polytunnels where there is a need to release excessive heat build-up in the centre of polythene clad structures. Comes with a mesh guard on the inlet. Can also be connected with a digital thermostat (sold separately).
This is particularly useful in longer polytunnels where heat can build up in the middle.

Price includes (Supply only):
1 x Electric Roof Extraction Fan
2 x Support bars (Customer: Please check Hoop Distance to ensure that length of support bar suits structure.)
2 x Fittings (Customer: Please check steel size i.e. Outer Diameter of steel)
NOTE: If you require shorter/longer support bars and different size fittings, please let us know.


Air flow: 4,600 m3/hr    
Weight: 7.5kg  
Top diameter at cowl: 42cm  
Overall diameter at base: 57cm  
Overall height: 39cm
Power supply: Single phase 220V
Motor: 200w (0.9A) motor
Note: **A qualified electrician should connect to electricity supply.


Installation: Simply cut out a 30-35cm hole in your polytunnel cover, insert the fan from the inside in a rotating motion, and clip on to the support bars. Customer's responsibility to check suitability and sizes. Installation Guide available.

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