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Roof Extraction Fan incl. Support bars for Tunnel - Manual

Total Price: €170.00

Polytunnel Vent
Electric or Manual
Reduce heat buildup

This Polytunnel Roof Vent which can be easily installed with support bars:
It is used to release excessive heat buildup in your polytunnel. 
Using a simple pull-cord operation, it can be opened and closed manually. 
The spring closing design allows it to be closed tight shut when ventilation is not required.
This is particularly useful in longer polytunnels where heat can build up in the middle.

Price includes:
1 x Manual Roof  Extraction Fan
2 x Support bars (Customer: Please check Hoop Distance to ensure that length of support bar suits structure.)
2 x Fittings (Customer: Please check steel size i.e. Outer Diameter of steel)
NOTE: If you require shorter/longer support bars and different size fittings, please let us know.


Weight: 2.3kgs    Top Outlet Diam.: 41cm   Base Inlet Diam.: 48cm   Height: 28cm


Installation: Simply cut out a 30-35cm hole in your polytunnel cover, insert the fan from the inside in a rotating motion, and clip on to the support bars. Customer's responsibility to check suitability and sizes. Installation Guide available.

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