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Ground cover (Weed Control Fabric) 1m - 2m wide

Total Price: €15.00

Tear resistant
Weed control
Water permeable

Mypex or Ground cover is a weed control fabric. It suppresses the growth of weeds by blocking the light but unlike other weed controlling membranes, Mypex or Ground cover still allows water and nutrients to reach plants.
The ground cover we sell is used by professional landscapers. 
It has square grids to allow for easy cutting and layout of pots. 
It is tough and tear resistant. 
Various widths available - 1m, 2m, 3m, 4m & 5m


If you require bulk orders, please contact our office by phone on 046 9546007 or email at for a quotation/ discount.

Features of Ground Cover:
- Is permeable to air and water
- Is easy to fit and handle
- Reduces soil erosion and creates an insulating effect
- UV Stabilisation for five years

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