Product Description

What is the Garden Pride Range?
The Garden Pride range is the most superior domestic polytunnel on the market.  Timber is replaced with non-degradable ALUMINIUM. Block Aluminium is used in the gable ends and ground rails. Timber will naturally degrade over time whereas aluminium rails can be re-used whenever you need to replace your polythene cover.  The Aluminium rails and infills secure your cover to the polytunnel eliminating the need to dig a trench and displaying a more tidy and attactive polytunnel. 

What is included in the Garden Pride Kit - SUPPLY ONLY?
Steel structure c/w Hoops, Ridge and Brace bars, Front Alum Gable end c/w Alum Sliding door, Rear Alum Gable end c/w large Netting vent, Polyflap, Crop supports on every internal hoop (excl. 8ft wide structures), Clear Thermic Anti-Drip Polythene 1000G (subject to stock availibility), Anti Hot Spot Tape, Aluminium Ground rail for sides and gable ends and one roll of FREE Clear Repair tape. Customer must build or use their own contractor to build the polytunnel. PLEASE NOTE:  Our Garden Pride range requires more expertise to install than our other ranges and if not installed correctly, this will invalidate the warranty on the polythene.  Where goods are supplied only, installation is at the customer's risk.  
Why buy this structure?
Easy to upgrade to Aluminium: At any stage you can change from burying polythene or timber ground rails to our Aluminium option. All of our domestic tunnel range have standard polytunnel dimensions.  We can supply Alum rails etc as accessories.  (See Polytunnel Dimensions for more details).
CROP SUPPORTS:  Crop supports for EVERY INTERNAL HOOP.   We also include steel down braces to give you extra strength and support for suspending overhead irrigation pipes or shelving etc.
Re-usable Aluminium fixing System:  Whereas timber fixing systems will eventually degrade, there will be no need to replace the alum fixing system (unless damaged) when it comes to replace your polythene. The only cost will be the cost of replacing the polythene sheet when it  needs to replaced.
Lower Maintenance costs:  Separate sheets of polythene is used to clad the structures - from the front hoop to the rear hoop is one sheet.  The polythene is panelled in on the front and rear gable ends.  So if there was an un-repairable  damage, only a small section of polythene would need to be replaced. ... costing less.  Since all of the aluminium is generally re-usable, there is no additional fittings, only the cost of replacing the polythene. In the case of timber finishes, extra nails/timbers may be required as well as the cost of replacing the Polythene.
• Anti Hot Spot Tape Automatically included: Anti Hot Spot tape is included as standard in our kits.  This tape prolongs the life of the polythene  as it reduces the friction of steel against polythene.
Self-Locking Aluminium Sliding Door: Our Doors are wider and higher so wheelbarrows and other gardening equipment can pass in and out with ease.  The Sliding door has a self-locking mechanism, all you have to do is slide, lift and close.
• FREE Roll of Repair Tape: We include one roll of Clear Repair Tape as part of the kit. This tape repairs small nicks and tears that may occur over time.


Base price: €1380

Features as Standard

  • Galv. Foundation Tubes 35mm/45mm
  • Galv. Steel Framework 35/45mm & Fittings
  • 1 x FRONT Aluminium Gable end
  • 1 x REAR Aluminium Gable end c/w NET VENT
  • 1 Set of Single/Double Sliding Aluminium Door(s)
  • Aluminium Ground rails for sides & gable ends
  • Anti Hot Spot Tape
  • 1000G Thermic Anti-Drip Clear Polythene
  • - FREE - CLEAR Repair Tape
  • - FREE - POLYFLAP for Net vent
  • - DELIVERY included

Technical Specifications and Warranties

"The Garden Pride - the most superior Polytunnel on the market today!"

Hoop Spacing: 8ft (2.44m) 

Steel Specification:
8ft, 10ft, 12ft & 14ft Wide Polytunnels: 35mm Outer Diameter
16ft & 18ft Wide Polytunnel: 44.5mm Outer Diameter x 2mm thick
Steel standard: All steelwork is HIGH TENSILE Z35 steel, galvanised internally and externally.
All our polytunnel steelwork is now 20 TIMES MORE CORROSION RESISTANT !!


Polytunnel Dimensions:

Below are the details of heights, etc of each polytunnel size.

Check out the EXTRA HEADROOM AND BETTER WORKING SPACE available (See below)!

   8ft (2.44m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions (To be updated)
10ft (3.05m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions..Click here!
12ft (3.66m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions..Click here!
14ft (4.27m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions..Click here!

16ft (4.88m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions (To be updated)
18ft (5.50m) Wide Polytunnel Dimensions..Click here!

Aluminium Specification:

Alum Gable ends:     Uprights and Cross are made from block alum profile
Alum Ground rails:   Ground rails are made from block alum profile

Sliding Aluminium Door Sizes:

Door sizes for 8ft wide              - To be updated!
Door sizes for 10ft & 12ft wide - 2.0m high x 1.030m wide
Door sizes for 14ft wide            - 2.0m high x 1.030m wide
Door sizes for 16ft wide            - To be updated!
Door sizes for 18ft wide            - 2.1m high x 2.060m wide (Double door)


The standard polythene we use is a 800G Clear Thermic Anti-Drip Polythene. This  is a clear film with the additional benefits of Thermic and Anti-drip properties. We also supply 1000G Polythene. 
    'Thermic' - raises the temperature of the internal temperature by approx.
                       1 to 2 Degrees celsius above the outside temperature. 
    'Anti-Drip' - condensation evaporates or rolls off the polythene.

Polythene Warranty :- A manufacturer's warranty against UVI degradation of the polythene is 5 years. This warranty does not cover accidental damage, malicious damage, storm damage or general wear and tear etc.
Various types and guages of polythene available.
Replacement polythene can be cut to length and bought on a per m basis.