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Self Watering Planters for Railings

Plastia Self-Watering planters and pots have a water storage area. Less watering with Berberis planters, Mareta pots as well as colourful addition to the patio or terrace.

Manufactured in Europe with sustainability in mind!

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Benefits of Self-Watering Planters?
- Going Away? An extended weekend or a business trip lasting several days? Your plants will happily cope in their self-watering flower boxes!
How often
should I refill the water in the self-watering flower boxes? There is no clear rule. It depends on the weather, the direction of the light the plant receives, the type and size of the plants, and other factors.  Refilling can be extended to 2 to 3 weeks under normal conditions.
- Postpone replanting: Watering from above washes nutrients out of the substrate. With self-watering, the water always travels to the plant from below,
the nutrients stay in the soil longer and it is not necessary to change the soil so often. In addition, if the nutrients are flushed out, they remain in the reservoir and get back to the plants through the wicks. Over time, the box may become too tight for the plants.
- Balanced watering: Is your substrate just wet enough? This is almost impossible to achieve with normal watering methods. The endless cycle between being dry and soaking is now a thing of the past. The wick system in the self-watering container ensures the soil moisture is exactly what its inhabitants need.
- Perfect use of water: The separate insert allows the space between the container and the insert to be sealed, great for saving water. When different
outside temperatures act on the container, the water between the container and the self-watering insert repeatedly evaporates and condenses, flows back into the reservoir and can be used again by the plants. The system of gaps and cavities supports the growth of the deep root system, allowing the plant to reach to the bottom of the reservoir.
- Reduce temperature fluctuations: The double walls of the container act as a natural insulator, meaning the plants are in an environment without large temperature fluctuations. At the same time, a microclimate is created between the insert and the outer part that simulates a greenhouse effect, making your plants grow... like weeds.
 - Two in one: The entire insert can be removed at any time and the root system checked. You will appreciate the lightweight material and stackability when handling, cleaning and wintering your containers.

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